Multi-instrumentalist and singer James Guffee creates guitar driven rock music with undeniable hooks and insightful lyrics on his debut solo album, “So Much for Secrets.”

As a former member of the critically acclaimed power pop band The Tories, James Guffee has performed his music on stages and on screens across the world. He's shared the spotlight with Cheap Trick, Collective Soul, Dishwalla, and Tonic to name just a few, and he's also an accomplished composer for network television. His music has been featured on shows such as NBC's Jesse (starring Christina Applegate), Dawson's Creek, John Doe, Inside the NFL, Just Deal, MTV's Tough Enough, and in major television commercials.

Growing up in Portland, Oregon, James had early exposure to a wide variety of instruments and styles of music. He began studying piano at age 5, and progressed to acoustic guitar, electric guitar, dabbled on the drums, and eventually settled on the electric bass as his instrument of choice - second only to his love of singing. Recognizing his natural talent for music, James’ parents encouraged him to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston where he studied jazz and rock bass playing as well as the art of music production/engineering.

Armed with youthful enthusiasm and a will to make it big, James relocated to the entertainment capital of Los Angeles in 1991. There, he teamed up with musicians of similar tastes and pop sensibilities to form the rock quartet The Tories. After crafting a collection of catchy pop songs with lush vocal harmonies and hopeful lyrics, the band was discovered by Phil Ramone, and they were signed to his label, N2K Records, in 1997. Their debut album Wonderful Life was praised by critics for its deft songwriting and contained a healthy dose of the power pop sounds of Jellyfish, Squeeze, and the Beatles. Following the demise of the label, The Tories took matters into their own hands and independently released their second album, The Upside of Down, in 2000. This second collection of songs explored a darker sound and attitude while retaining the signature vocal harmonies and extravagant production that set The Tories apart. After a successful 7 years together, the band amicably called it quits in 2002, and their music continues to be heard on recent television and movie productions.

Continuing on his quest for the ultimate musical expression, James Guffee is now making his own brand of hook-injected modern rock as the leader of his group, The James Guffee Band. His solo debut album So Much for Secrets is slated for a summer 2005 release on his own Guflain Music label.

Never one to fear taking on monumental tasks, James performed the majority of the instruments on his upcoming CD, as well as the writing, engineering, and producing. When it came time to mix it all together, he enlisted the talents of long-time cohort Stuart Brawley (Michael Jackson, Don Henley, The Matrix.) The results feature a blend of musical influences from James' early heroes such as Crowded House, Sting, Tom Petty, and James Taylor, as well as the modern sounds of the Foo Fighters, John Mayer, Seal and Duncan Sheik. Deftly crafted lyrics and irresistible melodies are clearly evident in each of his songs, and it’s sure to please fans of pop/rock music in all its forms.

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